Shielding Express Inc. In-House Shielded Room Test Facility:

The photograph below (Figure1.) shows the test facility where "Shielding" conducts performance measurements to determine the shielding effectiveness (SE) of it's products.  This shielded room is a Modular-Cell Type Radio Frequency (RF) Shielded Enclosure manufactured by Lindgren RF Enclosures Inc. and is located on the factory floor at Shielding Express Inc. in Taunton, MA.  It is a nominal 12' X 18' X 8' unit and includes two 3' X 7' Double-Knife-Edge (DKE) doors.  Externally this room stands as it would be installed by Lindgren with one of the doors providing access as shown in the figure.  Internally it has been modified to accommodate a partition-wall that separates the inside of the room into two compartments.  As indicated in the photograph, Figure 2, the partition-wall includes the second 3' X 7' DKE door and a test window to permit shielding effectiveness tests on shielded windows and other RF gasket products. In use for testing purposes, this arrangement permits a transmitter to be located in one of the compartments and a receiver in the other compartment.

Figure 1. Shielded Room External View

Figure 2. Shielded Room Internal View
showing partition wall with test window.