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Shielded Air Ventilation Panels
Air filter panels, with honeycomb design mounted in an extruded aluminum edge frame, electronically shields ventilation openings of equipment enclosures with minimum pressure drop.


Shielding Express Air Vent Panels are constructed using aluminum honeycomb mounted within a C-channel edge frame. The panels are supplied ready to mount on the shielded enclosure via a composite EMI/RFI shielding gasket attached to the panel frame. The panel edge frame has a mounting hole pattern for either through-bolts or captive insert receptacles.

All panels are made to customer specifications.


Frame: Aluminum Extrusion Alloy 6063-T1
Honeycomb: 1/8" cell Aluminum per MIL-C-7438, 8.1 lb Density
0.50" thick single layer honeycomb
two 0.250" thick crosscell honeycomb
Gasket: SnCuFe Mesh per ASTM-B520,
Monel mesh per QQ-N-281, 0.0045 wire
Monel mesh per QQ-N-281, 0.0045 wire bonded to neoprene sponge per MIL-R-6130, Grade A, Type II,
Condition Medium
Finish: Tin Plate per Mil-T-10727, Type I   0.0002 min
Chromate conversion coating per MIL-C-5541,
Electroless Nickel Plate per MIL-C-26074A

Typical Edge Construction:


Tin Plated Honeycomb Panels - Typical Shielding Effectiveness

  14 Khz H-Field 45db
  1 Mhz H-Field 80db
  1 Mhz E-Field 100db
  1 Ghz E-Field 90db
  5 Ghz Plane Wave 70db

Special Notes:

  1. Honeycomb panels can be supplied with a chromate finish to MIL-C-5541.
  2. Optional finish processes include painting, tin plating and conductive painting.
  3. Honeycomb foil is perforated for maximum shielding effectiveness.


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