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Knit Shield Ring and Contact Buttons
Round cross-section jointless metal mesh gaskets and contact buttons for use as EMI seals in waveguide choke flanges or for shafts or small housings.


Shielding Express Knit Shield Ring gaskets and contact buttons are constructed by die-compressing knitted wire mesh in forms. They can be made in a wide variety of  shapes and sizes, with varied density and with controlled resiliency.  The gaskets are generally held in place by sidewall friction in slots or grooves machined into the mating surface(s) to be gasketed. Depending on gasket width and material they may be designed to accommodate bolt holes.



Wire Specifications:
Monel wire - QQ-N-281, Class A, AMS 4730
SnCuFe wire - ASTM B 520,
Aluminum wire - AMS 4182, Alloy 5056
Stainless Steel wire - Alloy 304

Construction Dimensions / Tolerances:

Sizes O.D. I.D.
Up to 1.00 +0.015, -0.000 +0.000, -0.015
1.01 to 2.00 +0.020, -0.000 +0.000, -0.020
2.01 to 3.00 +0.025, -0.000 +0.000, -0.025
3.01 to 4.00 +0.030, -0.000 +0.000, -0.030
Over 4.00 +0.040, -0.000 +0.000, -0.040

Thickness: Under 1.0 in.  +0.015, -0.000

Special Notes:  Depending on choice of alloy, these gaskets can be used up to 800F


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