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Frame Shield
Conductive metal mesh strip securely crimped into either one or both edges of a metal frame or mounting strip. Optionally available with metal shielding strip on one edge and an elastomer pressure or weather sealing strip on the other. Ideal for shielding sheet metal enclosures where this semi-rigid gasketing provides ease of mounting and added stability while, at the same time, exhibiting high shielding effectiveness.


Excellent shielding and sealing with easy mounting
In one form of  Frame Knit  Shield and Seal gasketing a length of knitted wire mesh is securely crimped onto the edge of an extruded aluminum mounting strip. The mesh may be all metal (Knit Shield), usually monel, SnCuFe, or aluminum; or it may be metal mesh wound on an elastomer core (Knit Shield and Seal). The metal mesh provides inherent high performance shielding effectiveness and the elastomer, the extra resilience and a partial seal against rain and dust. Alternately, the metal mesh wire gasketing may be inserted in both edges of an aluminum mounting strip, to provide a solid frame mount and a double EMI/RFI shield; or the sealing gasket strip may be plain elastomer (silicone or neoprene) to provide a separate pressure or weather seal.
When the extruded aluminum frame strip is utilized, it serves as a convenient means for mounting by spotwelding, riveting, bolting, or attaching via sheet metal screws. In addition, the mounting strip may serve as a compression stop to prevent undue pressure on the metal mesh gasket. It also stiffens the surface to which it is attached, thereby serving as a load-bearing element in the structure, capable of meeting exacting shock and vibration requirements.

Product supplied in custom fabricated strips and frames
Frame Knit Shield and Seal gaskets are commonly supplied in custom fabricated strips or frames ready to install. Holes are drilled, or other machining performed as required. It can also be provided in bulk lengths, fabricated to the customer's specifications.

Materials Specifications:

  Extrusion: Aluminum Alloy 6063 per QQ-A-200/9
  Wire mesh specifications: See "Knit Shield"
Monel wire - QQ-N-281, Class A, .0045" dia.
SnCuFe wire - ASTM=B520, .0045" dia.
Aluminum wire - AMS 4182, Alloy 5056, .005" dia.
Stainless Steel wire - Alloy 304, .0045" dia.
  Elastomer: See "Knit Shield and Seal"
Silicone Solid MIL-R-5847, ZZ-R-765
Silicone Sponge AMS-3195
Neoprene Solid MIL-R-6855/AMS-3222C
Neoprene Sponge MIL-R-6130B
  Finish: Chromate per mil C-5541
Paint per applicable specification

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Woven Shield and Seal
 I Thermally Conductive Materials I
  I Frame Shield
 I Knit Shield I Knit Shield and Seal I Knit Shield Wrap I
  I Particle Filled Conductive Silicone Gasketing I Shielded Air Ventilation Panels I

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