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Woven Shield and Seal
The Woven Shield and Seal EMI/RFI gasket is a sheet material that consists of densely woven wire screen with the openings filled with silicone or neoprene elastomer. This construction results in an effective shielded gasket in the form of a thin, semi-flexible, mechanically reinforced sheet that can be utilized as a pressure seal. The gasket material has very uniform thickness and can be routinely cut into connector gaskets with standard tooling or shaped for custom applications as illustrated below.

Woven Shield and Seal for EMI/RFI shields and environmental seals
The Shielding Express Inc. Woven Shield and Seal gasket is a very thin mechanically reinforced pressure seal material comprised of a woven aluminum wire mesh impregnated with either silicone or neoprene elastomer. The basic EMI/RFI shielding material consists of a densely woven wire screen with openings between wires filled with either neoprene, or silicone elastomer to provide an environmental seal. The material was developed for use where mating surfaces may be uneven with a tolerance of up to .003".  Two thicknesses are available . Recommended closure compression forces are greater than 50 PSI.

Mechanical Specifications:

    Type of Elastomer
Silicone or Neoprene

.016" thk x 8.00" wide

X --
  .020" thk x 8.00" wide X --
  .020" thk x 8.00" wide -- X

Material Specifications:

  Aluminum Wire: Alloy 5056/QQ-A-430 (AMS-4182)
  Solid Silicone: ZZ-R-765, Class 2, Grade 50
  Neoprene: AMS-3222C

Temperature Range:

  Silicone: -60° to +500 F
  Neoprene: -40° to +212 F

Typical Shielding Effectiveness:

  14 KHz  (Magnetic field)  >35 dB
  1.0 MHz  (Magnetic field)  >40 dB
  18.0 MHz  (Electric field)  >100 dB
  1.0 GHz  (Plane Waves)  >60 dB

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