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Knit Shield and Seal

A versatile, high performance EMI/RFI/EMP shielding and pressure seal material that is ideal for sheet metal enclosures. Knitted rectangular-conductive-wire mesh strip is combined with a sponge or solid elastomer supporting strip in a wide range of configurations. Optional pressure sensitive adhesive backing improves mounting ease and speed of installation. Knit Shield and Seal is available in a wide variety of widths and thicknesses in strip form or as fabricated gaskets. It is commonly used for EMI/RFI shielding in electronic enclosures requiring both an environmental and EMI seal.


* Pressure Sensitive Adhesive available.
  Dry Back available on Neoprene Sponge only.
  Suppplied in 50 ft. rolls.

                             Example of Composite Double Mesh Gasket used in RF filter unit
                             for shielded room application.

Typical Shielding Effectiveness Performance:  (based on MIL-STD-285)

Frequency Field SnCuFe  (dB) Monel  (dB) Aluminum  (dB)
10 KHz H 44 38 32
100 KHz H 62 51 45
1000 KHz H 79 66 56
1 MHz E 116 114 100
10 MHz E 115 112 97
100 MHz E 107 102 92
1GHz P 94 89 76
10 GHz P 68 64 56

Material Specifications:

  Elastomer: Neoprene Sponge (closed cell) MIL-R-6130, Type II, Grade A Condition Medium

Neoprene Solid MlL-R-6855, Class 2, Grade 40

Silicone Sponge (closed cell) AMS-3195

Solid Silicone ZZ-R-765, Class 2, Grade 40
  Wire Mesh: Monel .0045 diameter per QQ-N-281 SN/CU/FE .0045 diameter per ASTMB-520
  Optional: Aluminum Alloy 5056 .005 diameter per AMS-4182

Ag/Brass .0045 diameter per QQ-W-321 (3% silver by weight)

Standard Commercial thickness of elastomers available.
Supply complete drawings for custom made gaskets.
Compression stops within the gasket are available on finished parts.


 Product Categories
I Shielded Optical Windows I
 I Oriented Wire Shield and Seal I Foil Shield and Seal
Woven Shield and Seal
 I Thermally Conductive Materials I
  I Frame Shield
 I Knit Shield I Knit Shield and Seal I Knit Shield Wrap I
  I Particle Filled Conductive Silicone Gasketing I Shielded Air Ventilation Panels I

I Shielded Screen Filter Ventilation Panels I Conductive Caulking & Adhesives I
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