Advanced technology, high quality products
and in-depth application expertise combine
to provide cost effective solutions
to EMI/RFI shielding challenges.


Shielding Express Inc. products range from sophisticated shielded optical windows to fundamental mechanical gaskets. Each product category has been developed to address both specific and common shielding application requirements. These products suit commercial as well as industrial, medical, aerospace, and military applications. Materials are available which meet Nuclear, Biological and Chemical resistance requirements. Emphasis is placed on performance, cost effectiveness and customer service.

Shielding Express Inc. operates in accordance with ISO 9001 principles with products meeting or exceeding FCC, VDE, CISPR, and TEMPEST shielding requirements.

          Major Product Categories
 1. Shielded Optical Window
 2. Oriented Wire Shield and Seal
 3. Foil Shield and Seal
 4. Woven Shield and Seal
 5. Knit Shield
 6. Knit Shield and Seal
 7. Knit Shield Wrap
 8. Frame Shield
 9. Particle Filled Conductive Silicone Gaskets
10. Thermally Conductive Materials
11. Shielded Air Ventilation Panels
12. Shielded Screen Filter Ventilation Panels
13. Conductive Caulking and Adhesives
14. Knit Shield Rings and Contact Buttons

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Our Engineering Department is available
to assist in solving your specific application needs for EMI/RFI shielding materials.
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